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Financial Management

Financial Management – What you don’t know

Financial management is often considered to be just budgeting and saving.  Many people struggle with these basics, let alone getting into the area of investing.  Many throw up their hands and subscribe (unintentionally) to the “ignorance is bliss” philosophy.

Is ignorance bliss?

I was blown away by this video I saw on the weekend.  Take a look at it right now and you’ll see what I mean!

Did you watch it?  What would YOU have chosen?

Truly Amazing

I am amazed that these people didn’t at least QUESTION why this guy – with “Sound Money” written on his t-shirt, was doing this giveaway.

I am amazed that they didn’t ASK what they could do with a bar of silver.

I am amazed that they wouldn’t have realised that there is a price of silver by weight.  You only have to watch the TV news and accidentally stay for the finance report, to know this.

I am amazed that this was all done just outside a JEWELLERY STORE.  (Erm… what do jewellers need to make their stuff?!?!!!)

I am amazed at how much Americans love Hershey’s chocolate!!  (Give me Lindt or even Cadburys any day!)

Financial management is not just about organising and controlling what we have.  It’s also about looking out for opportunities to create or add value that we can exchange for money.  This guy was offering them over $100 worth of VALUE, for free AND THEY DIDN’T REALISE IT!!!!  They could have gone and sold the bar to the jeweller, and then bought a chocolate bar every day for a couple of months!!!

Financial Management includes….

So many of us settle for so much less than we could be, do, or have.  We don’t think to question the system around us. We just take what we’re given rather than going after what we want.  In fact, when I ask my clients what they want in various areas of their lives – it is very often something they have NEVER CONSIDERED before!!! (This also amazes me.)

So smarter financial management is more than just earning, budgeting, spending, and saving.  It’s about knowing what we want in life, and out of life, and having our radars up and ready to learn about all the ways we can do this.  This is Opportunity Recognition and Management! When we know what we’re looking for, it’s amazing how often it appears for us.  And what actually happens, is that when we know what we are looking for, and it appears, we RECOGNISE it!

Imagine if any of those people in that video had decided – before they encountered Mr Sound Money man – that they wanted to buy a nice piece of jewellery for their partner, but didn’t have the funds to do it. Do you think they would have made a different decision about the bar of silver?

What do YOU want?  Think of something now.  And when it shows up – take that, instead of the chocolate bar!


Wishing you every Life and Money Success

PS:  If you know you need to skill up in the area of Financial Management, check this out.

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2 thoughts on “Financial Management – What you don’t know

  1. Opportunity is everywhere, most people just don’t recognise it! Is this because we are so conditioned to work hard? Is it mental coditioning? Money doesn’t grow on trees? What is it?? sad. :(

    1. It sure is Debra! I think those reasons definitely contribute to people not realising it. Some would say that the traditional school system simply trains us to be good little workers for “the man”, ever since the industrial revolution. Thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX is what we also need to discover!

      Cheers, and thanks for your responses! Glenda

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