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How to Become Wealthy regardless of your occupation

how to become wealthy

What I discovered about how to become wealthy

I wondered how to become wealthy from about age 8 onwards.  I felt poor and didn’t want that for my future.  I decided that I’d go to uni and get a professional career and earn loads of money and that would do it.

Nuh – uh. 

Got me an average salary (can’t believe I didn’t check that before swotting like crazy for 4 years at uni) and a mortgage.
It was only after I’d paid off the mortgage and wondered what to do next with my extra cash that I got enlightened, after going on a number of wealth creation courses.

Do YOU wonder how to become wealthy?

Here is what I’ve found :

  1. You become wealthy by owning assets that grow in value over time. 

  2. These assets need to be in demand and saleable at the point that you decide to convert them into cash.

  • A person is not wealthy just because they have a grand house and a flash car or 2 or 3.

  • A person is not wealthy just because they are on a huge income.

  • A person IS wealthy because they own assets of significant value that generate cash or can be sold for cash at any time.

That’s it. 

That's how to become wealthy.

Consider the big names – Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Gina Reinhart, Rupert Murdoch, the Packer family.  They all own (and have often created) vast empires of businesses and property. 


How are YOU going to become wealthy? 


How are YOU going to acquire assets that will grow and be convertible into cash?

  1. You start by keeping some of the cash you earn.
  2. Then you use that cash, and often other people’s cash (borrowed money) to buy or create assets that grow faster than your cash will. 

What kind of assets do you buy? 

Growth property, Growth Shares, Businesses/Company’s with growth potential.

What kind of assets do you create?

You can build or renovate property.  You can create, or renovate a business.  You can invent something that is of value to the world. 

How do you know how to do this?

You have to seek education and mentoring from people who have done it.  Very few people can set out and do this well, without making costly mistakes, without this investment. 


So in summary, all you have to do, to become wealthy is to

  1. Want a certain level of wealth

  2. Determine the best types of assets to invest in or create – depending on your identity and operating style

  3. Get help from an experienced source.

How to become wealthy is no longer a mystery for you.  Now you have to decide whether to take that first step.  

My system (the Money Success System) involves designing your life as step 1.  In order to want a certain level of wealth, you need to have a good think about what you really want for your life.  Once you know that any level of wealth is achievable, you have the freedom to design your life first.  This then gives you your money target, and you’re ready to move to step 2 and beyond, to make the money happen.

My personal story is that after I realized how to do it, I went and bought growth property, growth shares, and created businesses.  I reached my 25 year target in 10 years.  It wasn't difficult or complicated.  I just followed the instructions I learned. And now I'm teaching them to people who know what they want out of life.


Wishing you lots of  Money Success,



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