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How to Get Rich

How to get rich.

In a previous post titled "how to be rich"  I asked the question, what does being rich mean for you?

I believe you have to have a clear answer to this question before you can follow any steps on how to get rich.  

I think a lot of people don't even put in the effort to clearly define it, so it stays "out there" as some lofty elusive notion, that is beyond even being a dream.  It seems impossible.  Just this morning I met someone who has bought and sold, bought and renovated several properties – been very brave and leapt in and done a whole lot of stuff, and is now taking a well earned rest.  Yes – she made lots of mistakes along the way – because she has a bias towards action (which I'll discuss another day) and seems not very impressed with her level of achievement. 

When I asked her what her target is, she had no answer.  !!!  She has done all this activity without a clear wealth goal!  So how can she be successful, when she didnt define what success looked like in the first place.   After a bit of a rest, she'll go again, and this time she'll get there!

For example, a lot of people in Australia would consider themselves rich if they were a millionaire.  This means having assets that are worth 1 million dollars.  A standard and typical amount of money generated from that much net worth (asset value) is 5% (typical rental yield, or share dividends, and even interest on cash in some facilities).  So 5% of 1 million dollars is $50,000.  Would you be rich if you could do whatever you liked everyday, and have $4167 magically appearing in your bank every month?

Some of you will say yes – some will say no.  What's your number?  Is it 2 million?  3 million?  (For every million, add $50k in income.)

Anyone can be rich.

Yes – anyone.

Even you.

How to Get Rich Requires The Science of Getting Rich

Here is a vital set of information if you are interested in how to get rich. If you have never read it, please download and read "The Science of Getting Rich".

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Like everything, it all starts in our mind.  You must not dismiss this.  It is true.

Once we set a clear target, and an intention to reach that target, and a belief that we can and will get there, amazing things start to happen.

This is because our subconscious mind goes to work, to make it happen.  However, you must be very clear and sure that you set it up in your mind properly.

Sometimes what we say with our mouth, and our conscious brain, is not how we really feel about the subject on the inside.  And we don't even admit to ourselves how we really feel, and what we really believe, because our judgemental self has come in and told us in our innermost being that we are WRONG. 

How is this relevant to how to get rich?  Well if you think about your desire to be rich, whatever that looks like for you, why aren't you there now?  Ask yourself this question and write down all the answers that come to your mind and heart.  Apart from, I'm not old enough, I don't know enough, I haven't had the opportunity, I can't even get a job – which are mind responses, there will be some of the following that are more emotional, heart responses if you really admit it:

  • It's too much work

  • It's too much stress – rich people have problems.

  • Someone like me couldn't ever be rich – I don't fit the image.

  • I'm not smart enough.

  • I don't really deserve it because. . . . .

  • It's wrong to want a lot of money – shallow, greedy, evil. . . . .

  • What would my friends think of me?

  • I'd lose my friends

  • I'd be above my family, and they wouldn't cope. . .

  • etc, etc, etc. 

Can you feel this kind of chatter going on for you?

Even when you think you've got your head in the right place – Yes you really want $3 million dollars worth of assets in 20 years time, and you believe it can and will happen, there is a sense, a feeling somewhere in your body – of hesitancy.

It's like interference, or static on the radio wire. 

It has to be gotten rid of, for your subconscious mind to deliver the goods for you.


Steps to a Millionaire Mindset

The mindset steps of how to get rich are:

  1. Define a clear definition of how rich you want to be, and by when.

  2. Decide that you DO believe that this can happen for you, even though you don't know how yet.

  3. Practise being grateful for your future wealth, and well as your current position.

  4. If you can feel anything that pulls at your belief, and makes it less clear, go on a mission to discover what that belief, constraint, dependency is.  Once it is defined, you need to reframe it to get rid of it.

  5. Be patient, and let God/the universe deliver your heart's desire.

  6. Be open to opportunities.  Keep your radar out for opportunities to learn, and to get involved.

  7. Model the characteristics of successful, wealthy people.  If you don't know anyone in this category, try this.

Burn the Thoughts and habits of the most effective people into your brain

Now of course, there are strategies you need to learn and execute after this.  But if you do not set your intention clearly, and remove obstacles, you will be wasting your time, energy, and money.   My suggestion is that you follow these steps while you learn what strategies are possible for you.   Take a look at the courses I recommend, and my tuition offers here on the right sidebar .

The strategies just need to be followed.  They are the simple bit.  The first and most important bit that you have to tailor for yourself  is getting a rich fit mind.

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