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Financial Planning

Financial Planning – Your Money or Your Life

Financial planning is a nonsensical term really. What we really need to do is plan our life. Then the money goals become very obvious.

I was chatting with a mortgage broker yesterday who asks new clients what their financial goals are, (like financial planners do as the first part of the financial planning process) and she revealed that most people really just pay lip service to the notion of being financially better off, or self-funded at retirement. These are stated goals but there is no “why” behind them.

There is no point chasing money without knowing what we’re going to use it for!

So. What’s your life plan?

What? You don’t have one! Why not?

• Don’t know how to make one?
• Don’t know what you want?
• Didn’t know you needed one?
• Hate planning anything – like to be spontaneous (ie react to the things that happen to you)?
• Don’t believe that things work like that?
• Scared that if you make a plan it won’t work out anyway?

I don’t ask my clients what their goals are. I ask them what they want. We have to want or dream about something before we actually decide to turn it into a goal.

Financial Planning

I believe that loosely formulated, non-specific, unholistic, “canned” goals are actually very damaging and can cause a vicious cycle of apparent failure. When we have said we have financial goals like owning our home, travelling to exotic places every year, owning an elite car, and these things don’t happen – it’s easy to rate ourselves as not having measured up.


And just by the way – what about the areas of life that don’t seem to have a financial component?


What about goals for our relationships, our health, our education, our fun and recreation? If we only have financial goals, these can get left out. And…… when they get left out and neglected, this often creates a financial chasm caused by relationship breakdown, (or even romantic fraud), ignorance, or mental or physical illness.


Many of my clients to date have worked with me because of a catalyst of severe pain in their lives. Their life has spiralled down to a place that is awful for them and they can see it getting worse if something doesn’t happen to stop that. And they are typically in a place where they cannot see how things can turn around and get better. Often the immediate burning problem presents as a financial one – because that’s where a negative sequence of events has led them.


Core Philosophies of the Successful Life Planner

Here are some core philosophies that I engage, and encourage my clients and my readers to take on board too:

• Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – either way – you’re right.
• If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.
• If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

Instead of letting things spiral to the point of requiring the financial Intensive Care Unit, how about doing some active Life Planning?


If you’re a self- starter who likes doing things in your own time and space and at your own pace, check this out.

If you’d like to get away to a beautiful, relaxing beachside location for 5 days (yes – take a whole week off) with a group of like-minded people in order to gain clarity about your purpose, vision, values, and create a holistic plan for the next year of your life, let me know by replying in the comment box below. The Life Plan you create this week will be used to create a blueprint to work from, to effortlessly turn your vision for your life into reality over the following year.


Financial Planning

With enough expressions of interest I will put this week together and then let you know the details. I promise you it will be fun, life-changing, refreshing and illuminating!


Life Planning – Top 3 Tips


And for right now, here’s my top 3 tips for beginning the process of Life Planning, instead of Financial Planning.
(Remember – our life experience is ONLY limited by our imagination and belief.)


1. Think about, and visualise if you can, your funeral. What will your eulogy contain? What were you like? What did you do? How did you affect others, or impact the world and those you love?

2. A genie has just appeared and is going to grant you one wish. You can absolutely have/experience/be this one thing. What will it be?

3. What is your current number one obstacle? Is it the presence of something, or the lack of something. How is it holding you back? What is it holding you back from?

Wishing for you – your Best Life



PS: Remember to jot a line in the comment section here if you’d like to find out more about a “Life Designing by the Beach” Week.

7 thoughts on “Financial Planning – Your Money or Your Life

  1. I’m in if it doesn’t clash with the Cruise. You know how I work, so happy to be staff too if you need me to. :)

  2. How are we not more educated in this. Sad that people work so hard or so many hours and don’t get ahead of the game.

    1. Hey Carla! There IS education around but it is optional, and costs money, and doesn’t give us a piece of paper at the end. We have to really WANT to find it and do it. And the trick is, often we have to know about something, to even know that we want it! Another part of the multiple reasons, is that we have to think enough of ourselves, to go after more than just what we’re dished out by the standard education system.

      Cheers, Glenda

      PS: I provide education and a complete system on Life Planning – you can find out about it here.

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