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How to be Rich

How to be Rich


Do you want to be rich?  Really?

Do you know how to be rich?

If I was running a survey and asked you "How do you think people get to be rich?" what would your answer be?

Well there are actually lots of answers.  In fact there are so many answers that it becomes a bit confusing if you're trying to work out what it means for you, and which method you should follow.

Some do it with super high professional incomes.  Others do it by running successful businesses.  And of course there are many people who own parts of businesses (shares or stocks) and when the business value grows, so does their personal wealth.  There are those who do it with property strategies. 

A lucky proportion start with an inheritance, or gifted money.  A few are born with natural talents such as sporting ability or natural beauty that propel them to stardom and the wealth that brings. A creative and persistent proportion invent something new that enough of the world wants, to generate their riches.

One thing is for sure: school education does not teach us how to be rich!   It teaches us how to be ready for employment.  Because this is what our societies need to run effectively.  Lots of good, skilled, capable employees. That is useful of course, but a lot of us don't realize there is a deficit in our financial education.  We just muddle on and follow our parents, or make it up as we go.

But let's go back a step.  What does it mean to be rich anyway?

What is YOUR definition of being rich?

If you want to know how to be rich, then the first step is to define what you really mean by being rich.  I encourage you to stop reading this right now, and grab a sheet of paper – or open a new page on your computer and write down what YOU being rich actually really means.  Take your time and write what is truth for you – because this is your starting point.

Does it mean owning multiple homes and elite vehicles, and travelling around the world all the time.  Or does it mean owning a home, and a couple of cars, in the location of your choice, and being able to do whatever you choose with your time.  A common definition (of financial independence) is "being able to do what I want, where I want, with whom I want, when I want."

I would love you to share your answer here, and we'll see what you and others think.  Will there be lots of different answers?  Will they have a common thread?

To share your answer, click on the title of this article. When it shows as a separate page, with just this article on it, there will be a reply box right at the bottom.  That's where you leave your answer.

It will be worth it to you I know, to take a couple of minutes to think about your answer to this question, and worth even more to take the extra couple of minutes to leave us your answer.  When you write an idea down, it is the beginning of it becoming real.




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