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We can never afford it all

glenda nichollsThere is so much wonderful stuff to buy out there!

The more stuff there is that we want, but can't afford, the poorer we feel.

So as the world produces more and more beautiful clothes, shoes, homewares, educational courses, recreational products, etc, the more we can't buy!  I think this is why we often feel a sense of lack.  We go shopping and see all the stuff that we would love, and we can't buy it all, no matter what our level of income is.  

I suspect that a lot of us feel poorer today, than our parents did yesterday, because we look at what we can't have, instead of what we can and do have.

Because of this I think it's never been more important than now, to create shopper focus in our discretionary spending.  (Oops – what was that big word Glenda?  "Discretionary Spending" means the money we spend on things we don't have to have.  It is the money we spend on things we think are fun, or luxurious, but our lives will go on fairly well if we don't buy).

Shopper Focus means we will purchase those wanted (but not needed) items only that REALLY match who we are.

Shopper Focus means we will know what our personal style is; what our favorite colours and "looks" are;  what the important factors to us are about the car we drive (safety, power, speed, manouvreability, cuteness, status); and what the important features of our home will be.

Once we gain a higher level of self awareness, and improve our Shopper Focus capability we know what does and doesn't suit us, it is easier to see most of that stuff as "beautiful for someone – but not for me".

So why not build your Shopper Focus capability!

And when you find just the right thing that you REALLY REALLY want, it's more likely you WILL be able to afford it! You're only as wealthy as you feel!  



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